Cerbat Garden Club


Organized and Federated in 2002

The goal of the Cerbat Garden Club is to provide open educational programs for all those interested in gardening in the Kingman area, to encourage interest in flower design, to promote civic beautification, and to advance the conservation of our natural resources.

Presidents’ Message:

Welcome to our 16th year meeting as the Cerbat Garden Club!  Last year we took a survey of Cerbat Garden Club members asking why you joined the garden club.  The top three answers in order were to learn more about gardening, to meet and visit with other gardeners, and to work on projects that serve the folks of Kingman.  Our goal this year is to offer you opportunities to do all three.  Sandra Hampson, Toni Bigelow, and Sandi Womack, along with the committee chairs have planned a busy year.  We are sure you will enjoy learning from our speakers while visiting with your friends at our meetings and participating in the monthly gardener’s day out.

With this in mind we have chosen “Green is to Remind You to Grow” for our theme this year.

I’m hoping that this will be your experience with the Cerbat Garden Club this year: that you will encourage your companions and befriend the new members as we grow and learn together.


Sandra Hampson – President