Cerbat Garden Club Officers

Organized and Federated in 2002

2017-2018 Cerbat Garden Club Officers

President: Sandra Hampson

Vice President: Toni Bigelow

Treasurer: Sandi Womack

Secretary: none will be pro-tem per meeting

Membership: Cristina Marquez-Suleski


Past Presidents:

Lolita Bailey, Aldee Campbell, Sandie Womack, Sue West, Lynda Goldberg, Diana Broeckel, Kip Gorder, and Mary Ann Hawkridge

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!

Proud member of:

National Garden Club, Inc.

Pacific Region Garden Clubs

Arizona Federation of Garden Clubs

Northern District

“If you build up the soil with organic material, the plants will do just fine” ~ John Harrison